Justin Sloan

Passionate and motivated Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) based landscape photographer

Passionate and motivated photographer based in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia).

The world of photography has always fascinated me, and the hobby that just started with taking photographs of my children quickly turned into a passion project.

My initial steps as a photographer were a continuous learning experience, both technically and creatively, and I quickly transitioned through entry level DSLR cameras such as the Canon 1100d.

My desire to continuously learn more about the art of photography exposed me to many photographic styles and genres. After many cameras and years of experience, I discovered my passion for fine art landscape photography.

Fine Art Landscape Photography

Capturing the true beauty of landscape can be a long process but one I enjoy immensely.

Aside from the technical aspect of taking a beautiful shot, it includes scoping out a location, travel planning, and hiking to reach those hard places to frame that perfect view.

I am motivated to continuously improve my technical ability and train my eye in order to capture the natural beauty of challenging landscapes.

Chasing good light and beautiful subjects such as cloud formations, light breaks and ruppled multicoloured skies, from a unique perspective, is a joyful part of this practice.

More so being there choosing which part of the landscape to capture, and composing the best shot to record and honour the beautiful world we live in.

My Equipment

Due to the nature of my work, I prefer to keep my bag light and minimalist.

However, in this modern age of photography, that doesn’t mean I need to compromise on quality.

My frame-grade Sony a7ii mirrorless camera is lightweight, compact, and portable enough to take hiking.

When paired with the Sony Zeiss 16-35mm f4 lens and Manfrotto befree tripod, I have an extremely versatile and high quality setup.

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