Cape Schanck

Exploring Cape Schanck


One of my many journeys to Cape Schanck, exploring composition, nature and weather conditions.

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

Moody day’s are great for exploring photography opportunities, overcast conditions offer lighting conditions suitable for photography throughout the day. Of course we won’t see epic lighting conditions outside of sunrise/sunset, however it eliminates the harsh light we typically see on “nice days”, making for better photographs. This particular time worked in my favour and not only allowed expiration, but to also walk away with some great photographs.


Cape Shanck along the Mornington Peninsula was a challenge to photograph. The obvious composition being the light house. However it is the surrounds where I found most interest and challenge.

Exploring the location is a must, filled with wonderful rock formations, tracks and pebble beaches. A very popular tourist destination, but one I find unrepresented in photography – well as Google will have me believe.

In close range to one another, I found these compositions. Paired with the overcast and moody weather, I feel as if it suited the photographs well.

The Lighthouse

Nearing sunset, I saved the final composition for the lighthouse. The understated foreground elements called for colour.

While the sunset colour peaked beyond this particular photograph, it was this moment with more subtle colours that I settled for. The colour graduation between the complementary blue and yellow hues sung to me more than a full yellow/orange saturated sky.

This wasn’t my first trip to Cape Schanck, nor will it be my last. However I will not forget this particular trip and the hours I spent composition searching.

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