Rubicon within the shire of Murrindindi

A hidden story

A camping journey exploring some less known waterfalls in Victoria. An amazing family camping ground with some great sights to see. This series captures a little of the beauty Rubicon has to offer.

Near Eildon

A stone throw to Eildon, a place I have always wanted to visit and explore. On my visit I was blessed with subtle hues.

Lake Eildon is surprising, the size of the lake is huge! I was impressed with the view and it did not take me long to secure a spot amongst the many tourists also capturing photos.

While I setup my camera and tri-pod, and readied myself for the sunset. It was this drone photo that I walked away with as my favourite.

Rubicon Camp Ground

Literally 5 meters from the tent was this amazing creek and view. Arriving at night didn’t allow for any time to scout the area before setting up a tent.

Arrival consisted of camp setup, dinner and beverage. However sleeping in a tent allows for many noises to be heard. This particular creek provided soothing sounds throughout the night. 6am and I was awake and walking around, to find only 5 meters away was this amazing creek and view.


Like many places outside of the city lights, the night sky is filled with much more light than the eye is used too. Such a refreshing aspect that I enjoy with camping.

Astrophotography is something I really enjoy, it is that sense of wonder I tend to get while my shutter is taking 10 seconds or so to fire. This photograph was taken at the camp site, just a few footsteps from the creek in the above image.

Scouting the area, I was surprised by the waterfalls in the surrounded the area. 

A Hidden Gem

One thing to remember is that when the roads are closed, the walk to this waterfall with a 20kg bag is difficult.

At times, roads will be closed meaning that more hiking is required to get to certain lookouts and waterfalls in the area. I assume is probably something to do with the water levels.

A 2 hour hike led me to this waterfall, not certain if it was the one I was originally looking for. But it was the one I found and I was exhausted from an up hill hike. I wanted to get close to this waterfall, I did climb down the side edge somewhat, however the trees cut into the compositions I found. The photo I favoured ended up being this simple portrait.

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