Landscape photography is a craft that takes a long time to master. In my opinion the best way to learn is with hands on experience, trial and error and with some theoretical guidance. To aid with your landscape photography journey I have put together a few options for landscape photography workshops and one on one lessons.

I have put together a series of workshops and lessons that can be tailored around your goals and current technical and creative experience within your journey. Everything from a first starter who has just purchased there first SLR camera, to a well experienced photographer looking to refine there skills or obtain an alternate perspective.

Learning Opportunities

Landscape photography is vast, here are some of the learning opportunities available. Make sure to review the available workshops so you can ensure the content is targeted to your preference. Alternatively you could select a one on one session either online or on the field to really focus onto your desired area.


  • Technical camera operation, manual mode
  • Exposure and understanding shutter speed, ISO & Aperture
  • Basics of composition
  • The importance of light and golden hour
  • Introduction to Lightroom and post-processing basics

Intermediate & Advanced

  • Advanced understanding of your SLR camera
  • Depth of field and focusing techniques (semi-manual and manual)
  • Bracketing and HDR
  • Stitched panoramas
  • Using filters, Polarizers, natural density and graduated neutral density filters
  • Advanced post-processing
  • Astro-photography
  • Colour Theory, colour harmony and its use it landscape photography
  • Composition
  • Film photography, shooting, scanning and processing

Learn landscape photography through one of the options below.

1:1 Online Zoom Sessions

1 hour one on one lesson covering the content of your choice. In this lesson we can go into detail of the content via Zoom where we will be able to talk and also visually see my screen.


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