Honeymoon bay at sunset, a place filled with people swimming and relaxing at the beautiful views. I camped here two nights to capture this shot and I was pleased to be presented with an amazing sunset at Freycinet national park Tasmania.

Photographing a sunset the afternoon before, I found difficulties finding good composition I was happy with. Not happy with my photographs of the location I decided to stay one more night at Freycinet national park. I re-scoped the area and found this interesting branch, I setup my camera equipment an hour early, sat on a camping chair with a cider and waited for the sun to set. As I captured this moment, there were about 10 by standers, all moved behind me and from view. The once noisy locations soon silenced as we watched the sun set, the only noise being my faint camera shutter as I took this shot.


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Honeymoon Bay, Freycinet national park Tasmania is a beautiful location, my intention was predominantly to camp at this location, and while I set up my camper in a camping spot I immediately took to the bay with my camera. Looking around the bay and walking the entire length, I could really find a point of real interest. Although my shots came out decent, I wasn’t happy with what I had captured and didn’t feel I did the location justice. Because of this I decided to stay another night and re-attempt the next day for sunset, given the outcome I am very glad that I did.

As sunset approached, I found a branch on top of a small hill within Honeymoon Bay. The branch was that little extra point of interest I was looking for. I set up my camera and tripod and testing my composition and settings and knew I was onto something. All I had to do was now wait for the sun to set with the hope the sunset would light up the sky.

Sure enough, as I sat on a camping chair with a cider in hand the sun began to set. There were several people swimming, kids playing, and a general fun time around the bay. However, for the 2 minutes of the sunset, there was nothing but still silence. As everybody stopped to watch the sunset and the sky light up the only sound was the faint sound of my cameras shutter as I captured this photograph. Soon after the sun had set, everybody returned to talking and having fun.

Not only beautiful at sunset, Honeymoon bay is an amazing location for camping, picnics and general hangouts. I met many lovely people over my two night stay at Freycinet national park Tasmania and I can’t wait until I re-visit to again capture amazing sunsets.

Name: Driftwood
Location: Honeymoon Bay, Tasmania, Australia
Print Code: JS-0006DWO
Edition Size: Open
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