Horseshoe Falls, Tasmania

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Horseshoe falls, Tasmania is a waterfall lovers must, Tasmania has so much beauty to offer and Mt Fields National park is a showcase for that beauty. Hiking is usually a major part of landscape photography, & the short 2 hour circuit at Mt Field’s National Park and a definite must. As I approached Horseshoe Falls I ventured past the onlookers, jumped the fencing and rock hopped slippery rocks to find a unique composition. As I clicked this wonderful shot I knew I had something amazing.


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Horseshoe falls, Tasmania is a part of Mt Field National Park and a must for those who likes hikes, forest and waterfalls. Researching this location proved to epic when it comes to landscape photography. A simple search on the internet of waterfalls in Tasmania and this is sure to be one of the top. However, due to how well it has been photographed I was really motivated to find a unique composition. Something not done before at this location.

Committed to the 4 hour round hike I walked the well arranged walking paths of Mt Fields National Park. Every corner is an amazing view of forest that I could just imagine printed and framed within somebodies home. I intended to spend most of the day scouting the area for great compositions of the waterfalls. As I arrived to Horseshoe Falls, it was obviously required that I jump the safety of the fence and venture onto the slippery rocks to get close enough for a unique photograph. Like most waterfall photography, a long exposure is desirable. In this shot I had the use of a 6 stop neutral density filter to reduce the light entering my lens. This allowed the shutter speed to be slower in order to capture that flowing water look.

The weather was perfect for the composition used, being around mid day the sun was high. The harshness was cut by the Mt Fields forest like trees allowing for the sun to breach slightly and bring an element of interest, without the harshness typically found at these times of day. While I carried my equipment across the slippery rocks I found this tree trunk and thought it was a great opportunity to take something unique. The line of the tree trunk is parallel to the rock formation of the waterfall and yet also ends at the centre, where the waterfall comes into focus. Horseshoe Falls is a must if you happen to be in Tasmania.

Russell Falls & Lady Barron Faslls are other amazing waterfalls within Mt Fields National Park, unfortunately when I arrived the light was too harsh for a worthy photograph. I will return with more time on my hands in order to capture these beautiful waterfalls in all there glory.

Name: Horseshoe Falls
Location: Mount Field National Park, Tasmania, Australia
Print Code: JS-0007CO
Edition Size: Open
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