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I thought I would kick off my first blog post with the reason I have become involved with landscape photography.

So why have I started landscape photography?

Well, I love taking photos and I find it rather challenging. It may appear at first that landscape photography is taking a camera, going to a location and clicking a button. But it is far more complex than that and its in this complexity mixed with art that captured my interest.

Landscape photography requires a wide variety of technical ability, creativity and patience. The camera choice is the least of key components believe it or not. In order to capture a great landscape photograph you have to be a master of the following.

  • Planning a shot, this includes weather prediction, understanding what scenes will work with what conditions, finding a meaningful location
  • Scouting, once a location is in mind scouting what scenes work and what can be achieved
  • Composition, understanding what makes a photograph appealing to the eye, whilst there are some common photography rules, these are sometimes broken.
  • Controlling your camera, understating what ISO, aperture and shutter speed do and what they do together to produce exposure and depth of field
  • Travel, waking at early mornings for sunrises, hiking great distances, going without food because you are at a remote location.
  • Patience, conditions make everything, I will often travel back to a location time and time again to get a shot because lighting conditions where just not right.

All of the above are of interest to me and its that interest that has pushed me forward for years. Of course there is the more glamorous part which is equally as interesting, such as printing, selling and exhibits! But this is just a brief post to welcome you to my online gallery 😊

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